The discography contains only CD’s. Vinyl records are not included. CD’s with only one movement of a concerto or sonata of Quantz are not added to the discography. Complete concertos and sonatas of the same works are available on other CD’s. A few CD’s with Quantz concertos, with the pan flute as solo instrument, are not in the discography.

QV-numbering with the help of Meike ten Brink.

At the moment in the discography:

Works Number of sonatas/concertos recorded,
including works with questioned  attribution
Number of recorded works with questioned attribution Indication of oeuvre recorded,
including works with questioned  attribution
Flute sonatas 48 3 21%
Trio sonatas 25 12 61%
Concertos 51 3 (one flute concerto and two horn concertos) 15% QV 6: 8a & QV 6:8b counted as one concerto


♫QV:OK means CD’s and QV-numbers are checked by Meike ten Brink and/or Feike Bonnema by using the information in the Quantz-Verzeichnis of Horst Augsbach.

Example from the Thematisch-systematisches Werkverzeichnis of Horst Augsbach of the Concerto in D major (QV 5:45)
(Source: Carus – Verlag, Stuttgart: CV 24.025)