QV 4: Quartets

The quartets were rediscovered in 2002 by Mary Oleskiewicz and had no QV-number. The quartets were added later and have the numbers QV 4: 8 – 13. The quartets are for three melody instruments (flute – violin – viola) and basso continuo. The quartets are obviously early works by Quantz, dating from his years in Dresden (1718–1741), most likely from sometime in the mid-1720s. The quartets are highly contrapuntal in style, quite unlike the more galant writing adopted by Quantz after his move to Berlin. Each work is in a differend tonality. The quartets were rediscovered in the archives of the Berlin Sing-Akademie.

For more information about the quartets and the rediscovery, see Mary Oleskiewicz’s article “Quantz’s quatours and Other Works Newly Discovered” in Early Music, volume 31, no. 3 (November 2003).


Quantz Verzeichnis Quartet Comment, Quartet No.
QV 4: 8 Quartet in D major no. 1
QV 4: 9 Quartet in e minor no. 2
QV 4: 10 Quartet in G major no. 3
QV 4: 11 Quartet in g minor no. 4
QV 4: 12 Quartet in C major no. 5
QV 4: 13 Quartet in b minor no. 6