Sonata 1mo Flauto Traverso Del Sigr Quanz

In the Giedde Music Collection in the Royal Library in Copenhagen there is a collection with sonatas of Quantz and other composers (mu 6210.1626, Gieddes Sammlung, I,13). The title of the eight Quantz sonatas is: “Sonata 1mo Flauto Traverso Del Sigr Quanz” .

The works are:

Quantz Verzeichnis Sonata No. in manuscript
QV 1: Anh. 38 Sonata in a minor I
QV 1: 162 Sonata in B flat major II
QV 1: 8 Sonata in C major III
QV 1: 47 Sonata in D major IV
QV 1: 31 Sonata in D major V
QV 1: 30 Sonata in D major VI
QV 1: 54 Sonata in E flat major VII
QV 1: 87 Sonata in F major VIII