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Potsdam, Schloss Sanssouci , Marmorsaal. Photographer: M. Bonnema – de Jong.

Welcome to all Quantz music enthusiasts.
The main purpose of this site is to make the composer Johann Joachim Quantz generally known and to promote his music. Quantz is a composer from origin, who is not really well known, where he must have been one of the more famous composers in his own time. This also becomes clear from his position to the Berlin court, the enormous status that he had and the enormous salary that he earned there. Possibly to his disadvantage is the fact that he only wrote a big oeuvre for the flute, existing of flute concerts and flute sonatas. The recent years, more and more attention is being brought to this composer.


The purpose of this site is:

– to give information on the composer Quantz for everybody who has interest in his life, work and music;

– gather information on the composer and make it easy accessible;

– encourage people to perform and enjoy his music;

– prepare a discography;

– stimulate that more of his work is being published on CD’s, especially the first recordings.


Astrid Abma, Meike ten Brink, Gehard Bouma: thank you for helping me with this project.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Feike Bonnema