6 flöijte Solos af Quanz

In the Giedde Music Collection in the Royal Library in Copenhagen there is a manuscript with the title: “No. 2. Six Sonatas pour la Flute Traversiere avec la Basse par Mr. Quantz” (mu 6210.2529, Gieddes Sammlung, I,19).

In the Quantz Verzeichnis Horst Augsbach assigns all six sonatas to the appendix in which works of questionable attibution are listed.

The works are:

Quantz Verzeichnis Sonata No. in manuscript
QV 1: Anh. 14b Sonata in D major I
QV 1: Anh. 34b Sonata in G major II
QV 1: Anh. 4 Sonata in C major III
QV 1: Anh. 15b Sonata in D major IV
QV 1: Anh. 33 Sonata in G major V
QV 1: Anh. 44 Sonata in b minor VI